Youth Exchange – “Let’s Break the Wall…” -Malta

“Let’s Break the Wall…”
Youth Exchange
Action 3 – Youth in the world

3.1 – Cooperation with Neighbouring Partner Countries

27 May – 04 May 2012

1 Project Description

Thirty eight young participants with their leaders from Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Malta, Latvia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey will be participating in this youth exchange.

Due to our cultural conviction and values very often we exclude and discriminate against individuals and minority groups because they are not part of the mainstream.

So our Youth Exchange aims to empower youth to overcome social exclusion. Our plan of activities (besides the conventional non formal learning methods) we have concentrated mainly in the use of creative learning tools such as theatre, image theatre, photography, open space techniques, drawing, video making, mime and outside group activities such as meetings with local youth organisaions and local minorities.

2 Aims & Objectives

Very often we unconsciously and socially exclude talented and skilled youth because we are still holding strongly to our fundamental cultural convictions

Through this youth exchange our overall aim is to create awareness and identify those cultural barriers that result in social exclusion of those who are not like us and at the same time to diminish and if possible eliminate social exclusion and discrimination by promoting inclusion among the young participant

3 Our Objectives:
1. To become aware of the influences of our own culture in the way we normally behave and react with the outside world

2. To acknowlege that through our cultural conviction and values very often we build a wall of prefabricated perceptions that could lead to stigma, prejudices, stereotypes, wrong judgement etc……
3. To accept the fact that as a result of these misconceptions very often we exclude and disctiminate against those other individuals and minorities who are not part of the mainstream regardless of their abilities.
4. To stimulate respect and appreciation to cultural diversity and social inclusion
5. To widen our perception and develop the skill to look beyond our first impression.
6. To implement follow up initiatives towards social includion

Motto of this Youth Exchange

Let’s Break the Wall of Social Discrimination
by eliminating exclusion with inclusion

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