UNITED We Can Do It!

‘UNITED WE CAN DO IT! Civil Society Against Right Wing Extremism’
2 – 7 June 2009 in Sheffield, United Kingdom

Civil Society Against Right-Wing Extremism

This project was developed after many years experience of UNITED network in
anti discrimination campaigns and deep analysis on the current trends of European civil society
active in the fight against right-winged extremism, racism and discrimination. Experience shows that
despite the quantitative and qualitative work done by many organizations active in this field, many NGO’s have little knowledge about democratic institutions and processes. Nevertheless, there are effective ways to tackle discrimination at its local and regional level through innovative and informal learning strategies. There are as well ways to give the best practices a European dimension. The aim of the project is to create a space for anti-racial adult education and make it qualified, available and accessible throughout Europe. The objectives are: the creation of feasible ways to enhance the work
of local grassroots groups and NGOs active in the field of anti-racial education, their training as learning facilitators in anti-racial education, and the counterbalance of the unevenness in anti-racial fight Europe-wide. The project has as its direct target group precisely NGOs activists. Ultimately, the project is also expected reach-out the NGOs target groups, mainly disadvantaged social categories with less opportunities to access education else way. The main activities envisaged include identification, selection and dissemination of best practices in the anti-racist field, conferences, workshops and campaigns, which will eventually bring the following outputs: publications, handbooks, info leaflets, web-pages and campaigning material.

The UNITED Network

UNITED for Intercultural Action is the European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees. Linked through UNITED, more than 560 organizations from a wide variety of backgrounds, from all European countries, work together on a voluntary basis. They base their cooperation on common actions and shared activities on a mutual respect. UNITED is and will remain independent from all political parties, organizations and states, but seeks an active co-operation with
other anti-racist initiatives in Europe. Through the UNITED network organizations meet each other, work on common actions and share information. European-wide action weeks, campaigns and such are planned and discussed on UNITED conferences. Like-minded organizations find each other on such conferences and work together on specific projects and on specific topics. Information is received from more than 2000 organizations and mailings go out to about 2200 groups in Europe. If you want to
get involved, discuss the ideas and aims of the UNITED network within your organization. Let us know that your organization would like to join or receive information. And add us to your mailing list!

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