TC – Belonging to Europe of Today

TC – Belonging to Europe of Today

18 – 25 October 2008 , Durres , Albania

This project held in Durres , was a 6 day long training course on the values of European Citizenship and a few other concepts related to it. In this project took part participants from 9 different countries , balanced between SEE and UE countries and Turkey , so we had 27 participants from : Albania , Macedonia , Serbia , Romania , Slovenia , Italy , Malta, Kosovo and Turkey . This was a great project because different citizens from different countries get different but also similar views on citizenship and European Citizenship , and they all could share with each other their experience and learn new things .
Through the activities and sessions each participant in the end of the course had his own and clearer vision of European Citizenship and was able to express himself freely about these matters . In this way they are able to motivate youngsters in their own communities to be active citizens in their communities. During the sessions it was fun to see how different people react do the same problems and how everybody in his own way tries to do something and they learned that citizenship helps in overcoming quite a few of today’s society problems.

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