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International Training Act by Knowing the Means of Democracy

International Training

Act by Knowing the Means of Democracy

10th – 19th of April 2013 in Iasi, Romania 

Brief description of the training 

Training Course Act by Knowing the Means of Democracy approaches as main themes democracy and youth active participation.

 EuroDEMOS is a Civic Attitudes Association, specialized in the last 23 years of voluntary activity in forming opinion leaders by developing civic programmes at mass level and on target groups, of defending human rights, democratic values, European and sustainable development principles.

 The project will involve participants from Armenia, Italy, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Macedonia, Albania, Moldova, Greece, Romania, Spain, Turkey.

Following the motto “Nowadays democratic society is based on the responsibility achieved through civic education and participation” (Morel Bolea) the project aims to train the international participants as active citizens in democracy.

The Training Course Act by Knowing the Means of Democracy applies non formal education principles through methods that actively involve the participants such as quiz, work-shops, analyses, study visit at Iasi City Hall, role plays, facilitated discussions, cultural visit, projects lab and others.


The participants will gain valuable information about democracy and human rights as core values of Council of Europe as well, European tools to apply and promote democracy and human rights through youth active participation, such as Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education, The revised European Charter on the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life.

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