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International summer camp

International summer camp funded by the EU Youth in Action programme to be held from 22nd July 2013 to 1st August 2013. The Pastiche summer camp will cater for 64 young people (aged 15 to 19) and 16 adult leaders from various countries – Malta, Romania, Spain, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania and the UK. The group consist on 2 Leaders and 8 Participants. The purpose of the camp is to facilitate the personal and social development of participants and to engage them in an educational process around the theme of challenging racism and building social solidarity.
All accommodation and subsistence costs and 70% of travel costs for the camp will be met by a grant from the EU Youth in Action programme, acquired and administered by the Pastiche Youth Project, an initiative of staff and students of the Youth, Community & Education Division (YCED) of De Montfort University working in partnership with Young Leicestershire.

Information for camp:
3 Leaders ( two male one female if possible)
8 Participants (4 male 4 female if possible)
Age Range for participants – 15-19

Theme of the camp:
The theme for the camp is Anti-Racism and Solidarity. This project is
Intended to combat feelings of marginalization and exclusion and to help
young people to bond with people from other cultural and social
backgrounds. The point is to encourage them to recognize their capacity for
positive citizenship and their ability to impact the world around them in a
positive manner.

The camp will be held in a campsite in Earlswood, Birmingham. The campsite
is around 40 minutes on the train from Birmingham City Centre. The closet
Airport is Birmingham International which is 30 minutes away by car. The
second closest Airport is East Midlands.

Participants will be staying in a tented village. There are 8 Young people
tents that contain 12 beds and 5 leader tents (Other tents will also be
provided). While the beds are provided participants will all need to bring
their own pillow and sleeping bag as these *will not be provided*!!!

At the centre of the tented village is a giant Marquee that can hold up to
100 people. In this Marquee is where meals will be eaten and it will also
be used for various other activities. It also contains a kitchen in which
the camp chef will be preparing food throughout the day.


The planned activities will all be around the themes of anti-racism and
social solidarity. Each morning participants will take part in a creative
and performance based workshop. This could be on Drama, Music, Dance, Art,
etc… Each group of leaders from participating countries will be running one
of the morning workshops and will choose the topic. The participants will
attend the workshop each morning of the camp with the goal of producing a
final performance or exhibition of the work on the final day for the rest
of the participants to watch, see and enjoy. The final performance and the
workshops will all relate to the camp themes.

Currently the only workshop that has been confirmed is:-

Drama which will be ran by the UK group.

**If you could a let me know what workshops you would like to run please do
so as soon as possible! So we can begin planning for access to any
equipment etc… Please make sure they can be related to the theme and can be
run every morning!**

Shortly we will set up a Facebook group for young people to join if they
are attending the project. Here they will be able to ask questions and meet
the various other young people they will see at the camp. Once this page
has been setup the link will be emailed across!

Workshop groups will be chosen by young people themselves. They will take
part in taster sessions from each available workshop and will then sign up
to which workshop they want to do. We will discuss this in further details
at the Advance Planning Visit.

Information for the Advanced Planning Visit (APV):
The APV will take place on Monday 1st, Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday the 3rd of
July. This will be at the same campsite the camp will be held. However, we
will be staying in a log cabin rather than the tented village. Once again
you will need to bring your own pillow and sleeping bag as these *will not
be provided!!! *For the AVP 2 people from each participating country should
attend and where possible this will be one young person and one leader.

It would be helpful if you knew by the APV the young people who would be
attending from your country. However, this is not a requirement but it
would be helpful for the planning!

APV Plan, the following will be discussed and planned while at the APV
(This plan will change and is not final!)

1. Workshop Ideas & Allocation
2. ID Cards
3. Risk Assessments / Health and Safety
4. Food / Dietary requirements (Religious, Vegetarian, Allergies etc…)
5. Tent Allocation (participants)
6. Timetable & Programme planning (for the full 10 days)
7. Participant Behaviour contracts
8. General Project Discussion

Per studentat nga mosha 15- 19 vjec.


This Project will be Covered from Youth in Action | Programme & Projects British Council UK

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