‘’Healthy Lifestyle for All’’ is an outcome of the YiA funded project
which was planned, organized and implemented by Network for European
Citizenship and Identity (NECI), reg. n. 3707, in Republic of Cyprus from
29/06/2014 to 06/07/2014

The project ”Healthy Lifestyle for All” aimed to increase awareness on the
topic of healthy lifestyle. More specifically we intented to assist youngsters
through Non Formal Learning reaching more healthy living. The main idea
was to enhance their participation and collaboration in the field of healthy
lifestyle, sports and physical activity in accordance to social inclusion
practices (that’ s why the title is: Healthy Lifestyle for All) through indoor and
outdoor activities, visits and creative practices. We assisted them to acquire
self directed learning and other competences in order to improve their daily
habits and support the development and the improvement of personal skills.
This way, youngsters came closer to everyday issues of more healthy living
in a healthy inclusive society. All ten partners organizations* (from Cyprus,
Estonia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Romania, Albania, Belarus, Italy, and two NGOs
from Ukraine) with 22 participants, 2 trainers, 1 facilitator and 2 volunteers
during the project week, showed and pointed out the power of social
inclusion practices and mutual collaboration through NFL on developing new
attitude in favor of healthy lifestyle for All.
It is well known that nowadays life has created changes in personal level
and interpersonal relations: (a) there are several and important reasons and
changes that affect many of us such as technology, media, social network,
unemployment, lack of money and stressful rhythms of life. (b) Related to the
previous mentioned changes, some youngsters face social exclusion for
several reasons: either due to their national and cultural background, or
because they had no the opportunities to education. The same youngsters
or some others might turn into self-excluded from social activities due to the
fact that they feel different than then majority of their peers. The above
mentioned situation brings several problems to their life, such as sitting life,
unhealthy nutritional habits, lack of exercise and other related unhealthy
risks (as obesity, heart problems etc). In other words some youngsters
nowadays face unemployment, social exclusion, lack of face to face
qualitative communication and all these might lead to depression and other
unhealthy habits like non balanced (unhealthy) nutrition and limited active
life. Youth centers and youth workers seem to need some tools, ideas and 6
Booklet on ‘’HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOR ALL’’ training course CY-31-32-2013-R3, Larnaca 29/6/14 –
6/7/14, Larnaca-Cyprus by NECI
approaches for facing this situation that supports social exclusion and leads
to youth non healthy lifestyle
Through this project special attention and focus has been given to the the
needs of youth workers, social workers and Youth Centers and mainly to
youngsters who are non very involved in physical activity and not very aware
about healthy lifestyle while at the same time are at the risk of social
exclusion. Several obstacles in daily life that supported the previous
mentioned stage are: lower personal competences level, cultural and gender
stereotypes, xenophobia and marginalization, lower selfesteem and
misconceptions regarding health and physical activity. Thus, through the
project we facilitated and empowered all participants and NGOs to develop
healthy lifestyle through NFL. We believe that during and by the end of the
project all participants are more able to combine critical thinking and new
competences for improving their lifestyle in the field of balanced nutrition,
physical activity, combating myths and misconceptions about healthy living.
*Partner Organizations are:
1) Diktio gia Evropaiki Politotita ke Taftotita – NECI (Cyprus)
Renos Georgiou – Executive Director/trainer
Inga Protuc – Facilitator
Kyriakos Stouppas – participant
Elena Demetriou – participant
Yioula Josef –volunteer/facilitator
Christos Kouppanou –volunteer/facilitator
2) Scambieuropei (Italy)
Desiree D’Amato – Trainer
Alberto Migliore – participant
Giada Zangiacomi – participant
3) Association for Dialogue, Culture and Sport (Romania)
Roxana Barbu – participant7
Andreea Madalina Bucur – participant
Edit Fodor – participant
4) Armenian center for Integration and Democratization NGO (Armenia)
Yeva Hakobyan- participant
Lusine Yedigaryan- participant
Siranuysh Torosyan- participant
5) WOW Sports (Bulgaria)
Bilyana Mileva- participant
Iliya Topuzov- participant
6) NGO Youth Club Active (Estonia)
Stanislav Maslov – participant
Roman Kin – participant
7) Walk Together (Albania)
Edison Frangu – participant
Selaudin Abazi – participant
8) Institute of political information (Ukraine)
Valentyn Grosu – participant
Iryna Grosu – participant
9) Kremenchuk informative-elucidative center “European Club” (Ukraine)
Roman Bublyk
Viktoriia Yakovenko
10) Belarusian Youth Public Union “New Faces” (Belarus)
Tatiana Milovanova – participant
Aliaksandra Hladouskaya – participant

Download Booklet: file:///C:/Users/dell/Downloads/BOOKLET.pdf

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