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Fiesta888 – Bristol, UK

Tirana, Albania
We are a youth organization who wishes to be active and participate in different problem-solving of Albanian society. This is a non-profit organiza-
tion that protects the rights and interests of young people for successful steps in their life. Our mission is promotion of equal opportunities and the
protection of youth rights and interests by offering them support in active participation in different projects related to their best interests.
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Nerisa SHEHU
This is my passport or known as the identity of one citizen of a country. But if we ask ourself what is our identity can we give a short and a concise answer? No, for certain. For me my identity is “me myself and I“. We can understand a lot by this phrase. The identity is what we are, what I am.
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Albania and albanians are two different concepts. In Albania live less than 50% of the albanians. The others are separated in Montenegro, Macedonia, Grecce & Kosovo…
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Albania, as you might know, is my splendid small country, here in the South Eastern Europe. It has it’s own culture which has lots in common with other Balkan’s countries but is also unique. Our culture is a melting pot of Turkish-oriental tradition, with our European roots,
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