Elmira College SIFE Team Hosts Albanian Scholars

Elmira College SIFE Team Hosts Albanian Scholars
11 January 2009

Elmira College’s nationally ranked Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) team recently held a week-long seminar for six students and two professors from Universitas Fabbrefacta Optime University and Walk Together NGO in Tirana, Albania, who were sponsored by EC SIFE and their university to make the trip to America.

An Introduction to American College Culture

The primary mission of EC SIFE during the week was to teach the visitors about the value and importance of beginning their own SIFE team at University.

EC SIFE held numerous training seminars, arranged for the group to meet with administrators and faculty individually and to attend several business classes.

EC SIFE students crossed cultural and language barriers to host the students, to prepare meals for them, and to provide entertainment throughout the week. A trip to the Corning Museum of Glass was a highlight of the trip. The group also visited retail stores to apply what they had learned in the EC SIFE seminar sessions and classes.

EC SIFE Has Long History of Competition Success

SIFE is a nonprofit organization designed to teach students leadership and career skills while educating community members about market economics, personal finance, business ethics and entrepreneurship.

Since its inception twelve years ago, EC SIFE has won the regional championship every year and has placed in the top twenty of more than 800 teams for six of the last eight years at the national exposition.

Thank you for the Opportunity and Help to Elmira College’s (SIFE) team and Especial ENISA TETA ( Student from Albania)


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