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D.E.A.L – Worcester UK

D.E.A.L – Worcester UK 

September 2013

The training in Worcester in England, carried out by the Consilium DT from the UK in consultation with the Association of My Dreams Meet Up from  attended among others by Joanna Zalewska of National Innovative Enterprises Cluster. Training in the UK training took 27 people from the Balkan countries, Italy, Turkey, Estonia, Malta, Polish and English. The course itself was aimed at bringing positive personal development. In five intensive days, participants learned about each other, take part in various discussions and tasks. Training in the UK  was also to disseminate the idea of non-formal education where particular  while brainstorming created posters and conducted interviews with the indigenous British encountered on the streets of the picturesque Worcester. The meeting was also an ideal opportunity for the citizens to speak with foreign countries on the employment of young people, as well as ways to solve problems in this matter, the advantages and disadvantages of volunteering and the views on the issue of young people in these countries, and the knowledge of the culture of these countries during the evening of familiarization, where everyone had the opportunity to present their homeland with their best. Training in the UK  was completed by excellent organization and the presence of nice and always helpful lecturers and organizers. Of course there were some sightseeing. Joanna Zalewska, National Innovative Enterprises Cluster, for training in the UK have time to travel to Birmingham or London. OKIP participation of members of the team in training as those in the UK is certainly a valuable experience that will positively influence their activities within the Cluster of Innovative Enterprises. These types of events are undoubtedly attractive to young people. The mere fact of departure to the UK is considerable. And when your skills, make new friends is an experience worth its weight in gold.

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