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Culturefest (PeaceFest) 2015 Winter Camp Funding Approved

The camp will run from 26th February 2016 to 6th March 2016 (10 nights/11 days). It will take place in Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s home town) for the first 3 nights, Woodhouse Scout Park in South Gloucestershire (near Bristol) for 4 nights, and, a hotel in Leicester for 3 nights. The age range is 14 to 18 and each country can bring 2 staff.

There will be a participation fee of €30. Unfortunately, the budget is too tight for extra people or extra days….or extra anything and all other cost will be reimburse under the Erasmus + Funds

Participants will need to fly into designated (currently East Midlands, Birmingham, Luton or Bristol) airports. Given the likelihood that the project will finish in Leicester, you may wish to fly into Bristol and out of East Midlands airports. Dress for freezing conditions…..at least we can play in the snow….

Please who is interested can send an email@: info@walk-together.com till 23.10.2015 time 12:00 AM please send a CV and a Letter of Motivation.

Walk Together Staff Members

Wish to all the participants good luck

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