About Walk Together

Walk Together Organization, a youth movement in which ideas and energies of our youth are the most valid capital. Everyone here can express their thoughts and they are  part of this organization.

It was created to bring you something different, for all young people who are tired of the monotony and are looking for an active life. The organization is rich with information , endless training and projects that integrate young people towards a secure future success.
Join Walk  Together to be part of the youth movement in Albania. Explore culture values and beauties of our country, but especially explore your potential by taking part in activities that are organized by  Walk Together. Become part of Walk Together Organization so we can show to the  countries around the world that Albania is not a step away from any other countries, but is an active part of it.

Our Directions

Establishing a network of cooperation between various NGOs dealing with youth.

Protection and recovery of green areas in Albania, including young people.

Social Life
Awareness of youth about the negative effects caused by consumption of light drugs and heavy, alcohol, tobacco, etc..
-To encourage critical thinking to contemporary youth.
-The establishment of an appropriate structure to provide advice for young people, for their awareness of the role they have in society and in different spheres of life, to make contributions by bringing the contemporary.

Partnerships with NGOs at the national level and international in youth exchanges and voluntary exchanges of experience and culture.

Training Projects
To organize training, projects and regional, national and international  seminars for the  youth activation and participation of the youth workers in such activities in the NGO-s that operate abroad and in our country.

Cooperate with media to promote cultural values, literary, ethnographic and archaeological values.

study the  opportunities offered by the Albanian labor market for young people who finish inside and outside the country’s higher education and contribute to bring these values close to this market inside Albanian territory.